MyGym is a cozy, small gym in the center of Rotterdam. We offer a lot of different classes, you can find the schedule here. For your cardio workouts we have crosstrainers, steps, a rowing machine and treadmills. If you would like to build muscles you can use our Technogym machines, dumbles, weights, benches or kettlebells.
The three outdoor tennis courst make MyGym unique. With some of the memberships they are even free to use! 

For more information about the different memberships, click here.

The new school year is soon going to start. Although during the summer most students have been quite active, the school year will be quite busy with studying, lots of drinking and as a result reduced physical activity. Therefore it is the right time to visit MyGym! 
For students there are a few problems with mostof the gym memberships: quite often the memberships in fitness centers are expensive, and especially in the times of a financial crisis, it is hard for the students to pay. Another problem is that most fitness centers require members to sign a contract for at least a year. On top of that students have quite a flexible schedule: often they do internships in other cities or even countries, their class schedule changes, and sometimes the even change their major. 
With all that in mind we have created the student membership - a three-month commitment, that can be stopped at the end of each quarter...(read more)